Target Archery

“Target archery is the most popular form of archery, in which members shoot at stationary circular targets at varying distances. All types of bow – longbow, barebow, recurve and compound – can be used. In Great Britain, Imperial rounds, measured in yards, are still used for a lot of tournaments and these have slightly different rules to WA (metric) rounds, which are used internationally. Archers are divided into seniors and juniors, with juniors being those under the age of 18″.

During the Summer months (April – September) the club shoots outdoors at its field near Withington. Club practice nights are Tuesday & Thursday evening but members have 7 day access to the shooting ground and can shoot at any other time provided basic safety precautions are followed. Bosses are permanently laid out at 20 – 100 yards. 50, 70 & 90 Metre distances are also marked. Bosses may be easily moved  and additional bosses can be set out if required. Indoor shooting during the winter months (mid September to March/April) is at Shrewsbury Academy (previously known as Sundorne School), Shrewsbury on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Novices are encouraged to shoot on Monday/Tuesday evenings. No coaching is available on Thursdays as that is the only time the coaches get to shoot. The Club has a number of Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches. There is no additional charge for coaching, which is available to any member who asks for it. If you only want to shoot for fun that is fine as long as you are safe, if you want help or advice, just ask.