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When I took up archery, after the beginners course I wanted to get my own equipment. I found a good second hand deal for Sebastian Flute riser and limbs 30 lb draw weight, fantastic. Next on the shopping list a set of arrows. So to get the right ones I measured my draw length 27 3/4 inches from the handle to my anchor added a bit for safety and looked up the Easton chart .30 lb draw weight 29 inch arrow their recommendation is 1916 shaft, which is what I bought.
For the next several months I was puzzled and frustrated because whatever I seemed to do my arrows were not going where I was pointing them. Oh well I’m just a beginner and must be plucking the release or torquing the bow, have bad form or any number of other dire faults.
Then one day I picked up my wife’s arrows. She was shooting a 22 lb bow and the Easton chart said 1816 shafts. Ahh these shoot straight. It must be that the charts are wrong!
What I didn’t know about then was AMO standards. Americans are litigious and risk averse. When making the standards for arrows they veered on the ultra cautious side and defined AMO draw length as actual draw length plus 1.75 inches.
So if I take my actual draw length (27 3/4) subtract the AMO safety margin (-1 3/4 = 26 inches) and add my own safety margin (+1 = 27 inches).
Back to the Easton charts. Looking up 30lb draw weight and 27 inch arrow I see 1816!
Please note: I still must buy 29 inch arrows (well 28 3/4 to be exact) so I have a safety margin for over draw, only the spine is looked up at 27 inches.
By the way I still have the 1916s and they shoot straight as a die out of a 40 lb bow.
And yes I did buy Chris a set of 1713s after stealing her 1816s. They are the ones Dean is currently shooting with the self same 22 lb limbs while his shoulder is getting better. Do they shoot straight? Better ask Dean!

Thanks to Trevor Spittle. Keep a look-out – more on the way.



Warning ! This contains references to blood, guts, death and Americans. If you are at all squeamish stop reading now. There are plenty of other web pages on the internet.
After writing my muse on AMO arrow standards and Easton arrow spine charts I suddenly realised why arrow charts don’t work well for us. Unlike the civilised UK our primitive cousins over the pond actually go out into the woods to shoot and kill small and not so small furry animals then either eat them or stuff them for display in their lodges.
In order to make this possible they have things called broadheads on the end of their arrows. These are nasty devices with razor sharp blades designed to inflict lethal damage on the local wildlife.
The name broardhead sort of gives the game away. Their arrow heads are too broad to fit inside their risers so they have to shoot long arrows so that the broardheads don’t scratch up their megga expensive bows.
Over here being a much more mature and sensible society, we know that we can pop out to Tesco’s and get quality assured pork chops without standing halfway up a tree and waiting for several days in sub zero temperatures.
Hence all the arrow charts are written for longer arrows than we tend to use.
I’m fairly sure that you are well aware that since the 1969 Countryside and Wildlife Act it has been extremely illegal to even swat flies with a bow and arrow in the UK.


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