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Fundraising Efforts

All members will know the amount of effort we put in to keeping Membership Fees as low as we can.

We run our traditional Have-A-Go events at Attingham. You’ve already seen the provisional dates for this year – now I just need names of Volunteers so we can run them. Don’t worry about how (in)experienced you are – you’ll soon pick it up, and see how easy it is! Plus, it’s great fun!

Beginner’s Courses are an important part of our fund-raising activities. We’ve just agreed the dates for the first 2018 Course. If you could help out with this, talk to our Beginner’s Course Co-ordinator: Barbara. Again – you don’t have to be a qualified Coach to help on these!

A couple of years ago, we introduced our Archery Experience Sessions. These can be for corporate events, birthday parties, and so on. There is a ‘flyer’ on the website giving more information. You can help here by letting friends / relatives / colleagues know. Perhaps you could print off copies and pop them on to your local store noticeboard, your library, your GP surgery. Please encourage them to contact me, and I’ll take it from there.

On the first Tuesday of each month, we have a pre-bookable half hour “Introduction to Archery” opportunity. This is a good, inexpensive way for non-Archers to see if the sport is, perhaps, for them. Again, spread the word, and encourage people to contact me to ‘book’ a session. You’ll find a ‘flyer’ on your website.

New for this year – we are offering small, local businesses, the chance to ‘advertise’ their company for a donation to the Club. The idea is that a series of 8’ x 3’ Banners will be displayed around the Field (starting along the ‘safety fence’ between the Shed and Long Range). The ‘suggested’ donation for a single sided Banner is £150 per year – and the first year of that includes our production of the Banner. A double sided Banner (same size) will be £200, space / location permitting! With this new initiative, I really could do with you spreading the word amongst any small businesses, etc, that you know or can mention to! Again, I’m the contact for them.

Hopefully, these initiatives will keep our fees low – and we’ll be able to complete the Car Park and sort out the Heating ready for the next Indoor Season.

THANK YOU, one and all.

Neil Clarke, Club Secretary   12th February 2018.

Bowbrook ARCHERY festival

Saturday 17th March

(subject to change!)

10.00 – 13.00:   Community Archery Have-A-Goes
(Outdoor Ranges)   Three styles available: target, clout, and field.

ALL DAY:   Have your Photo taken in Costume

ALL DAY:   Refreshments, Cake Stall, Snacks

ALL DAY:   Archery-related Bring-and-Buy
Donated Items, all proceeds to Sports Relief

13.00 – 16.00   Members Family & Friends H.A.G’s
(Outdoor Ranges)   Three styles available.

16.00(ish)   End of World Record Challenge!!!!

From 13.00   Archers Challenges, including:
Al’s Challenge, William Tell,
Case’s Roulette, plus others!

From 18.00   Members and Families Pork & Beef Roast
(veggie options too!)   £7.50 per plate


I just wanted to share my recent experience and offer a warning to other users of the same riser.
I bought a Core Air riser and 32lb limbs nearly 18 months ago after a visit to Merlin Archery. These were my first entry level pieces of equipment and I have been very happy with them over the last year plus!
What I didn’t know, was that about 6 months ago, the manufacturer issued a warning that the riser was not recommended for use with limbs over 30lb.
On Sunday 4th Feb while shooting at the shed my riser snapped while at full draw. A sore head and a little shock resulted, but thankfully nothing worse than that, although as you can imagine it could have been.
So please, if you or your children use the Core Air riser, DO NOT USE LIMBS OVER 30lb!
Merlin Archery say the riser is perfectly safe if used as per the manufacturers recommendations!
Merlin Archery have also been brilliant and concerned and have helped amazingly in replacing my equipment.
Stay safe and enjoy your shooting
Andy Yates

Tuesday 20th March @ 6pm

Mon-Fri 19th-23rd March


This is a Handicap Shoot – so anyone could win.

If you don’t have a handicap – get your scores in now!

Sport Relief Day –
17th March 17th
I’ve had a fundraising idea for this event . . . but it will need help from members!
It occurred to me that people might be persuaded to part with a few more ££s to dress up as:
Robin Hood/Maid Marion/Red Indians (PC – Native Indian),
and have their photo taken to show their friends on social media etc.
So, this is an appeal for anyone with a tabard/jerkin/hat-with-a-feather-in-it/any other appropriate garb that they would be willing to lend for the day.
Ideally we need garments to fit a range of sizes/ages and are easy to slip on/off over clothes.
If you think you can help, please talk to me next time you see me down at the filed, or email
Thank you – Penny Turner

Records and Progress Badges

Congratulations to this month’s badge winners:

John Ashton (BB) BLACK
Dorrien Bailey (BB) BLACK
Joe Becker (BB) GOLD
James Beckett (Comp) GOLD
Lewis Bodkin (RC) BLUE
Ian Casewell (BB) RED
Neil Clarke (LB) GOLD
Sheila Clarke (Trad) RED
Barry Hughes (LB) RED
Mike Taylor (BB) BLUE

Congratulations also to Penny Healey, who has achieved a National Record for 50m to add to her 30m record, and also won GOLD at the 3rd stage of the Indoor Archery World Cup in Nimes.

Arrow Making Workshop

10 am– 2 pm Saturday 17th February at the Home Farm Cafe


Following the success of last year’s successful inaugural Workshops, Bowbrook’s very own ballistics scientist – aka Trevor Spittle! – has generously agreed to run another Arrow Making Session.

Trevor will take you through the basics of arrow design, why they are what they are, and how they get from your Bow to the Target.

He’ll take you through Spine Selection, appropriate lengths, fletching, and so on – then you get to make, and shoot, your very own arrow!

Whilst this session concentrates on wooden arrows, the same principles apply for any.

BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT – £10, to include refreshments (tea / coffee), and a piece of cake!

Sign-up sheet on the Noticeboard in The Shed: or email Neil –








Bow Hire

The club has up to 10 sets of equipment available for members to hire over winter. 4 have already been taken and it is first come first served for the remainder. The advantage of hiring equipment is that you can come along and practice at any time using the same bow and arrows, you are not restricted to just club nights or times when there is a committee member present to unlock the equipment store. The down side is that you have to pay a hire charge of £30 and refundable deposit of £50 Equipment may be hired from September 2017 to the end of March 2018. Anyone hiring equipment is responsible for looking after it and returning it in good condition. If you are interested in hiring equipment and want to know more please talk to any committee member.







Your Club: how it works!

Your Club is run entirely by volunteers. Fellow members who are able and willing to continue the work started, all those years ago, by a small group of folk who wanted to shoot arrows!

Just look at the results of their hard work! They enabled the purchase of the Field, they’ve developed your Club into a County AND Country -wide success. And they have just secured the Funding, so that we can build a brand new Clubhouse!

Not bad for a group of Volunteers who just fancied shooting arrows!!

And now, your Club needs you to step forward! We need a bigger pool of Volunteers – very often just for the odd task, like checking (replenishing) the Loos, keeping the crockery clean, and so on. Other times, we need Archers who can spend a few hours helping out at our Have-A-Goes, or Archery Experience Sessions. And then, when we are hosting tournaments, we need those who don’t mind physically hard work, and /or those with administrative / organisational skills.

So now, it’s over to YOU. Please email me with an outline of what you are able and prepared to do for your Club, fellow archers, and yourself. Let me know the kind of skills you have, the kind of tasks you’d consider, and the amount of time you could invest. If you are not able, due to other commitments, to offer any help, that’s fine: some of us do have more time than others. Perhaps you could let me know should your circumstances change in the future.


PLEASE email me on:


Neil Clarke
Events Officer – 11th July 2015



This is just to remind all Bowbrook members that coaching is not just available on club nights. In fact it is often difficult to get a good coaching session amid the hubbub of a club night – either indoors or outdoors.

This is an open offer to any club member who would like to improve their archery – all the 4 level 2 coaches in Bowbrook are more than willing to arrange 1 to 1 coaching sessions. We are reasonably flexible with times – do contact us.

Liz Norton & Gavin McKinnell   01952 594278

Barbara Barrett   07957 929132

Jonathan Walton   07970 702084


The use of Drones on, from, and over Club Premises – see Statement in ‘Members Only’ area.

All Members are reminded not use Target Pins as ‘Targets’ in preference to a Target Face. Complaints have been received that ‘broken pins’ left in the ‘Boss’ are damaging arrows!