Christmas Dinner
Friday 8th December

Menu & List in Clubhouse, or contact Jo Rawlings on 01743 885350
or email:




A fantastic turnout for Sunday’s Frostbite – cake & glorious weather – what more can you ask for! See Dean’s write-up under ‘Competitions & Results’.



have the pleasure in hosting a




on Sunday 10th December 2017

Arrows away at 10:30 am


Entry fee of £5 payable on the day includes insurance cover for roving marks

Bacon rolls will be available on arrival and beef burgers at lunchtime at a nominal charge.

Tea, coffee and squash will be available throughout the day free of charge.

Please email Chris Harrison at if you intend to participate so that we can plan for correct numbers.

Location: PGL, Boreatton Park, Baschurch, Shrewsbury SY4 2EZ




14th December, Club Session

Bowbrook Annual Christmas Chocolate Bonanza!

It’s that time of year again – almost the end of term, and Bowbrook does all it can to ensure Juniors have sufficient chocolate to eke out their advent chocolate supplies to the big day!

All members welcome – even us mature Juniors can vie for the sugar rush!

Fun and games, laughter and calories GUARANTEED!




Indoor Club Session – 25m/25 yard Day

On the 3rd December 2017, the Indoor Range will be set-up for Members to shoot a Bray II Round (2 1/2 dozen, 25yards, 60cm face) and WA25 (5doz, 25m, 60cm face). Not many Members will have had the opportunity to shoot these rounds – but our fantastic new facility allows us to!

Come along and enjoy! – Neil Clarke







Bow Hire

The club has up to 10 sets of equipment available for members to hire over winter. 4 have already been taken and it is first come first served for the remainder. The advantage of hiring equipment is that you can come along and practice at any time using the same bow and arrows, you are not restricted to just club nights or times when there is a committee member present to unlock the equipment store. The down side is that you have to pay a hire charge of £30 and refundable deposit of £50 Equipment may be hired from September 2017 to the end of March 2018. Anyone hiring equipment is responsible for looking after it and returning it in good condition. If you are interested in hiring equipment and want to know more please talk to Dick Hilton.

Autumn and Winter Shooting 2017

Many of you may feel unsure about the arrangements for shooting on club nights during the Autumn and Winter 2017. This note explains the current position.

After a lot of hard work over the year the new club house and shooting range at the field is almost ready for use. As a result, the committee felt that we should move to using the club house as much as possible. As the nights are starting to draw in the outstanding element that needs to be resolved is the lighting. There is a temporary, short term solution in place using some free-standing lights and the generator. This generator is petrol driven and manual start which means that the safest option is for this only to be available if there is a committee member present. We have commissioned the installation of proper lights, which will be installed within a couple of weeks and will remove the need for the free-standing lights.

We are also investigating two options for the electricity supply. The first is a diesel generator with remote electric start this will be installed in the equipment room with exhaust routed outside. Diesel is considerably safer than petrol, the remote start will be far simpler to use than a pull start and the semi-permanent installation with exhaust venting will remove the need to move the generator in and out of the equipment store. This will create a situation where any club member could turn up and push the button to start the generator so that the range can be lit. Combined with the installation of a combination lock on one of the doors in place of the key lock this will provide a facility that any club member could use at any time. We are actively pursuing this so that we can be in this position as soon as possible.

The second electricity supply option that we’re investigating is direct connection to the mains. We are still clarifying costs for this. Despite a number of initially encouraging options appearing possible, this looks like it could cost in the region of £10,000. There is still a chance that costs may be less than we think but mains supply is still likely to be a medium to long term option.

Some of you may be wondering why we have not retained Sundorne for at least one night a week in the interim. This was initially a decision based on logistics in that it was going to be impractical to retain equipment for beginners at two locations. An equally important issue was the responsibility for unlocking at the start and locking up at the end of the session. We did have a rota for this but, as with many things in the club, the responsibility fell to a very small number of people, a number of whom are no longer able/willing to commit to this. This is not helped by the feature that the number of people staying to the end of the session tends to dwindle meaning a small number of people are left to put all the equipment away. As a result the committee felt that we could no longer support. If we could find a workable solution to unlocking and locking up then we would not have a problem with booking one session a week as Sundorne for archers with their own kit. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

We are also progressing a combination lock for the clubhouse so that we don’t need multiple keys and/or the need for keyholders to be present for the building to be unlocked. Fred already has the new lock. Installation is a little more complex than just removing the current lock and replacing it with the new one and involves some complex and accurate drilling. Fred is waiting for a dry day at the weekend so that he can install this.

In summary, we are working to make the new club house useable and accessible to club members 24 hours a day as soon as possible. In the interim, it will be available 2 nights a week with a committee member present. We hope you will understand how we arrived at this position and bear with us for a few weeks while we iron out a few remaining details. In the meantime, the facilities are, of course, available during the hours of daylight without access to the equipment room. The committee has also discussed organising a club session on Sundays. We have yet to finalise arrangements for a rota of key holders/committee members to allow access to the equipment room. Further details will be published once this has been sorted out. CH









Chairman’s Message for 2017

I have been a member of Bowbrook Archers for around 24 years, but long before that the members had a vision to own their own field with a Club house. They set to work raising funds, starting Have-A-Go’s and other events. So 24 years ago when I joined we were shooting on a rough ground behind what was the Seven Acres Club, now Rea Valley Tractors, with around 20 members. The vision of those members 30 years ago is now a reality, do not take it for granted, it has been 30 years of hard work, dedication and commitment by past members, some of whom have not lived to see Bowbrook Archers as it is today. Fund raising is just as important today as it was all those years ago.

Bowbrook has seen a huge increase in membership, it has always been a club for ALL Archers of all Bow types, whether they be competitive, social or recreational archers, and we will continue to support and help all members.

I would like to thank all members this year and the committee for the work and commitment that they have given to the club. The main committee that enable the smooth running of the club, the coaching team and their expertise, which every member can take advantage of, the maintenance and grass cutting team, who ensure our field is kept in such a wonderful condition for shooting, the fund raisers who continue tirelessly to run Have-A-G’s to provide much needed funds. We would not be able to function without all these individuals and I thank them for their dedication. I should also like to thank Jonathan for his work in the successful application for funding of the new building which will make Bowbrook have one of the best facilities for Archery in the Country.

Sam Dixon, Chairman



Your Club: how it works!

Your Club is run entirely by volunteers. Fellow members who are able and willing to continue the work started, all those years ago, by a small group of folk who wanted to shoot arrows!

Just look at the results of their hard work! They enabled the purchase of the Field, they’ve developed your Club into a County AND Country -wide success. And they have just secured the Funding, so that we can build a brand new Clubhouse!

Not bad for a group of Volunteers who just fancied shooting arrows!!

And now, your Club needs you to step forward! We need a bigger pool of Volunteers – very often just for the odd task, like checking (replenishing) the Loos, keeping the crockery clean, and so on. Other times, we need Archers who can spend a few hours helping out at our Have-A-Goes, or Archery Experience Sessions. And then, when we are hosting tournaments, we need those who don’t mind physically hard work, and /or those with administrative / organisational skills.

So now, it’s over to YOU. Please email me with an outline of what you are able and prepared to do for your Club, fellow archers, and yourself. Let me know the kind of skills you have, the kind of tasks you’d consider, and the amount of time you could invest. If you are not able, due to other commitments, to offer any help, that’s fine: some of us do have more time than others. Perhaps you could let me know should your circumstances change in the future.


PLEASE email me on:


Neil Clarke
Events Officer – 11th July 2015



This is just to remind all Bowbrook members that coaching is not just available on club nights. In fact it is often difficult to get a good coaching session amid the hubbub of a club night – either indoors or outdoors.

This is an open offer to any club member who would like to improve their archery – all the 4 level 2 coaches in Bowbrook are more than willing to arrange 1 to 1 coaching sessions. We are reasonably flexible with times – do contact us.

Liz Norton & Gavin McKinnell   01952 594278

Barbara Barrett   07957 929132

Jonathan Walton   07970 702084


The use of Drones on, from, and over Club Premises – see Statement in ‘Members Only’ area.

All Members are reminded not use Target Pins as ‘Targets’ in preference to a Target Face. Complaints have been received that ‘broken pins’ left in the ‘Boss’ are damaging arrows!