The club has 4 qualified Level 2 coaches, 6 Level 1 and 4 Archery Leaders. Coaching in the outdoor session normally takes place on a Tuesday evening, and in the indoor session on a Monday evening. We can arrange to coach adults, and/or juniors, in small groups, or one-to-one on different nights from club nights if required. This can be arranged by contacting any of the following coaches: Barbara, Liz, Gavin, Dick, Neil, Glyn, Fred, Paul, or Jonathan from the web site details.

Our coaches also organise and coach the Shropshire archery junior training squad.


liz latex band 2WARM UP FOR ARCHERY

An Archery stretch band is a training and exercise device, suitable for beginners and advanced archers and for all ages. It is excellent for teaching the right shoulder alignment and for consistent technique and at the same time, exercising the muscles used in archery. Liz Norton, one of our club’s excellent coaches, teaches our younger beginners (and some of us adults!) on how best to use these bands and would be glad to show you, as well as selling you one for a couple of pounds.

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